Possible Closure on the Horizon for Magic Kingdom’s Exciting Pirate Adventure

jack sparrow screaming, pirates of the caribbean attraction in the background

When it comes to experiences at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom, opinions among fans can often vary widely. However, if you’ve paid a visit to the park over the past couple of weeks, there’s one point on which most can agree: something unusual has been happening with the beloved Pirates of the Caribbean attraction.

Given that the ride has been a staple for decades, occasional technical hiccups or even temporary closures aren’t entirely unexpected. Yet, in recent times, the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Magic Kingdom has been experiencing more closures than usual, causing some raised eyebrows and concerns.

Intriguingly, Thrill Data has compiled data showing that the ride has been shut down for a total of 930 minutes in just the last few days, amounting to over 15 hours of closure time. This notable increase in downtime is in stark contrast to the same period of time last month when the ride experienced absolutely no closures at all.

Pirates of the Caribbean

Naturally, the question arises: why has Pirates of the Caribbean been encountering such disruptions lately? While the precise reasons behind these closures often remain a mystery, this time, there might be a lead.

Recent rumors circulating suggest an outlandish possibility—that the Pirates of the Caribbean ride has become a habitat for hundreds of bats. However, it’s essential to note that as of now, Walt Disney World Resort has neither confirmed nor denied these rumors, leaving the validity of these claims in a somewhat nebulous state.

But if the notion of a bat infestation were to be true, it would raise unique challenges. Bats are legally protected throughout the year in Florida, which means their removal would involve intricate procedures to ensure their safety. With the potential need for such a massive removal process, it’s feasible that it could necessitate a ride refurbishment, a prospect that could catch visitors off guard due to the unexpected nature of the closure.

Pirates of the Caribbean attraction

As of now, the specifics about whether a refurbishment is indeed in the works or whether the bats are truly present on the ride remain unknown. To stay informed about the unfolding situation, Disney Dining might be a valuable resource.

In the meantime, amid the uncertainty, one thing that can be counted on is that Captain Jack Sparrow’s presence remains on this classic attraction. Visitors can still set out on their swashbuckling journey alongside the iconic character—though the future course of the ride itself still remains shrouded in mystery.

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