Fresh Theme for Tarzan’s Treehouse

Earlier today, Disney made an exciting announcement that has stirred the imagination of fans and visitors alike. The beloved Tarzan’s Treehouse attraction, nestled near the iconic Pirates of the Caribbean, is about to undergo a remarkable transformation. Prepare to bid farewell to the name Tarzan’s Treehouse and welcome the all-new Adventureland Treehouse. This revamped experience is set to transport visitors back to the roots of the attraction, drawing inspiration from its original concept as the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse.

Venturing into Adventureland, visitors will find themselves immersed in a world of exploration and discovery, as they ascend into the heart of a magnificent tree, which will house a collection of themed rooms. These spaces are carefully designed to reflect the distinct personalities and preferences of different family members, echoing the charm and ingenuity of the Swiss Family Robinson narrative.

Among the intriguing rooms that will be crafted within the tree’s branches are a mother’s music den, where harmonious melodies are sure to create an enchanting atmosphere; a nature room tailor-made for the curiosity-driven young sons, offering a space for them to connect with the natural world; a celestial haven dubbed the astronomer’s loft, destined to become a favorite of the teenage daughter as she gazes at the stars; a father’s art studio, where creativity knows no bounds; and an ingeniously designed kitchen and dining room that promises not only delicious meals but also memorable moments shared with loved ones.


The transformation of this attraction holds a touch of nostalgia as it traces back to its origins. The Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse originally opened its doors in 1962, captivating audiences with its intricate design and the magic of Disney storytelling. In 1999, a new era dawned for the attraction as it transitioned into Tarzan’s Treehouse, aligning with the animated film Tarzan. However, fate had other plans for this beloved site, as it was temporarily closed due to the widespread impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. This moment of pause paved the way for a remarkable refurbishment that promises to elevate the visitor experience to unprecedented heights.

As the journey towards the unveiling of the Adventureland Treehouse continues, Disney enthusiasts and theme park aficionados eagerly anticipate the official opening in 2023. The exact date of the grand reveal will be communicated through the trusted Disney Parks Blog, ensuring that visitors are well-prepared to embark on this new adventure.

In the words of Disney’s press release, the Adventureland Treehouse is envisioned as a sanctuary of wonder, nestled amidst the branches of a majestic tree along the shores of the Jungle River. The enchantment begins with a nostalgic entrance featuring a giant waterwheel, inviting guests to step into a world where the ordinary transforms into the extraordinary. Wooden rope stairways wind their way upward, guiding adventurers on a journey of discovery that culminates among the boughs of the sprawling tree.

While the Adventureland Treehouse is poised to capture the hearts of visitors with its captivating design and immersive storytelling, another slice of nostalgia remains alive and well. The Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse continues to thrive within Adventureland at the Magic Kingdom of The Walt Disney World Resort. It stands as a testament to the enduring legacy of this iconic tale, inviting guests to ascend 116 stairs in order to bask in stunning views of Adventureland and the picturesque Jungle Cruise.

Rumors and speculation swirled in the air in the lead-up to this announcement, with discussions spanning from the possibility of themes inspired by the hit animated movie Encanto to other creative concepts that sparked the imagination. However, the unveiling of the Adventureland Treehouse marks a culmination of these ideas, promising an experience that seamlessly weaves together elements of nostalgia, innovation, and storytelling magic.

Are you ready to embark on this new chapter of exploration and enchantment? The Adventureland Treehouse beckons, and the stage is set for a journey that promises to be nothing short of extraordinary. As anticipation builds, let us know your thoughts and excitement in the comments below, and stay tuned for more updates as Imagineers work their magic on this captivating new attraction.

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