Excitement Builds as Guests Anticipate New Disney Park Addition

In 2017, the enchanting world of Disney Pixar’s Coco captured the hearts of audiences and swiftly became a beloved favorite. The film’s stunning visual artistry, heartwarming narrative, infectiously catchy music, and the signature tear-jerking moments that are a hallmark of Pixar productions all contributed to its widespread acclaim.

With its profound exploration of family, memory, and cultural traditions, Coco left an indelible mark on viewers. It’s no surprise that passionate fans of the movie are eager to see the spirit of Coco come to life within the magical realm of Disney Parks.

While there exists a modest homage to the cultural holiday Dia De Los Muertos within EPCOT at Walt Disney World, situated in the Mexico Pavilion, devoted enthusiasts of Coco are yearning for an even more immersive experience. They long for the vibrant world of the Land of the Dead to be brought to life around them, allowing them to step into the universe they fell in love with on the big screen.

Over in the heart of Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom, nestled among classic attractions, resides the beloved Mickey’s PhilharMagic. This attraction takes visitors on a symphonic journey through memorable scenes from cherished films like The Little Mermaid (1989) and The Lion King (1994). And, to the delight of Coco aficionados, the melodies of Coco have also found a home in this captivating experience.

Still, the yearning for more Coco is evident. The desire to be further immersed in the film’s themes and magic has given rise to fervent anticipation. And now, the exciting news of an upcoming Coco-themed addition to a specific Disneyland Park has ignited a new level of enthusiasm.

Venturing across the Atlantic to Disneyland Paris, the creative minds at Walt Disney Imagineering are hard at work crafting an immersive Coco-themed restaurant, affectionately named Casa De Coco – Restaurante De Familia. This upcoming addition promises to transport Guests directly into the heart of the Coco universe, inviting them to become a part of the cherished familia.

While the restaurant’s opening is still on the horizon, the tantalizing glimpse behind the scenes, showcasing the meticulous attention to detail in the decorations, has provided a taste of the magic that’s in store. It’s a thrilling sneak peek that has only intensified the excitement among fans and ignited their imagination about what this dedicated Coco space will entail.

As the anticipation builds for the grand unveiling of Casa De Coco, there’s a collective hope that its popularity will pave the way for even more Coco-themed elements to be integrated into the enchanting tapestry of Disney Parks. From attractions and interactive experiences to merchandise and immersive environments, the Coco universe has the potential to weave its magic into every corner of the parks, allowing fans to truly step into the world that touched their hearts so deeply.

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