Cruella Trailer Highlights Emma Thompson’s Fresh Disney Villain

Disney’s Cruella unveils its second trailer, offering further glimpses into the intricate backstory of Emma Stone’s iconic 101 Dalmatians antagonist.

The latest trailer for Disney’s upcoming Cruella delves even deeper into the world of the enigmatic villainess. In this reinterpretation of a beloved classic, Emma Stone takes on the role of a burgeoning Cruella de Vil, whose origins trace back to her days as an aspiring fashion designer named Estella. Drawing comparisons to Maleficent rather than the likes of Aladdin, the film is a unique addition to Disney’s trend of revisiting their iconic tales. Emma Stone inherits the role from Glenn Close, who previously portrayed Cruella in the 101 Dalmatians adaptations and serves as an executive producer for this film.

Cruella is scheduled for release in May and will be available through Disney+’s Premier Access alongside its theatrical debut. The movie also features Emma Thompson, Mark Strong, Joel Fry, Kirby Howell-Baptiste, and Paul Walter Hauser. As the release date approaches, Disney intensifies its promotional efforts. Despite comparisons to DC films like Birds of Prey and Joker, Emma Stone asserts that Cruella stands out as a distinct creation.

Disney unveiled the second full trailer for Cruella, offering deeper insights into Emma Thompson’s malevolent Baroness von Hellman, the formidable head of the prestigious fashion house where Estella starts her journey. From the outset, the Baroness reveals her ruthless demeanor, setting the stage for the fiery clash between her and Estella at a dinner party. This rivalry promises intense drama.

The trailer also unveils that the Baroness possesses a pack of Dalmatians, which Estella eventually kidnaps. This alludes to her role in the 101 Dalmatians narrative while hinting at the origins of her obsession. An exploration of why she fixates on Dalmatians, particularly those that belong to her detested former employer, could add layers to her villainous persona.

The focus on the primary antagonist, the Baroness, could exacerbate concerns raised after the release of the initial Cruella trailer. Some fans worried the film might humanize Cruella, a point of contention due to her antagonistic relationship with innocent dogs. Striking a balance between the faults of both the Baroness and Estella would be crucial. Cruella might illuminate that Estella’s adversarial nemesis doesn’t equate to her being a hero. With parallels drawn to Maleficent’s memorable entrance in Sleeping Beauty, Estella’s arrival at the Baroness’ event hints at a potentially villainous trajectory. Audience anticipation builds for the film’s release next month, when its true direction will become evident.

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